What is this site about?

I hope that reading this blog will help you equip with tools to think better.

The most precious gift we all have is our mind. Let’s upgrade our mental operating system. Let’s equip ourselves with useful mental models, learn about cognitive biases, learn where we fail and learn how to be more productive.

I don’t have magic powers to rewire your brain. You have to do it yourself and it is probably hard work. I am still working on myself. I am by no means smart, but I only aim to be smarter today as compared to yesterday.

About Me

I am an ML engineer by the day. The opinions here are my own and not of my employer. Follow me on Twitter: @smarter_blog.

Why this project?

The human mind is fascinating. A monkey may look at the sky and see some stars. But when humans look at the sky, we not just see stars, but decipher our place in the universe and peer into the past. We make things, we communicate, we reason, and we argue. The human mind is capable of endless surprises. But at the same time, we fail, often in predicable ways. For all these reasons, the human mind is very fascinating to me.